Selling & Buying

You want to buy an agricultural or forest real estate? Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific criteria. Based on the results we will provide you a list of suitable offers.

If you want to sell an estate please contact us as well!

Our services

Our basis credo is:  We support you with our experience during the entire purchasing or sales process, not only in the function of agent, but also as consultants for all issues arising in connection with your transaction.

We provide the following services for purchasers:

  • good  general view of the German market with our large and continually updated  portfolio of offers
  • access to interesting sales offers
  • support and advice on investment decisions
  • support during the search for a specific object, including permanent media presence (broad impact on > 1 million readers every month)

We provide the following services for sellers:

  • market presence with a strong brand name throughout Germany
  • expert assessment of your business or lands
  • development of the ideal sales strategy
  • recourse to a high number of prospective buyers throughout Germany and the other European countries